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24 Hour Claim Service Numbers

Acuity Insurance
Auto Owners Insurance 888-252-4626 (after hours only)
Badger Mutual Insurance 800-837-7833 (days); 866-223-4371 (after hours)
Cincinnati Insurance 877-242-2544
Continental Western Group 866-232-6724 (days); 800-997-7709 (after hours)
Dairyland Insurance 800-334-0090
Foremost Insurance 800-527-3907
Hagerty Insurance 800-922-4050
Progressive 800-274-4499
Sheboygan Falls Insurance 800-242-7698
Travelers 800-252-4633
United Fire Group 800-343-9131
West Bend Mutual 877-922-5246
Wilson Mutual 800-242-7708 (after hours emergency)
Wisconsin Mutual 608-575-6242 (after hours emergency)

Separate Glass Claim Numbers (If not listed above)

Auto-Owners Glass 800-264-4143 or 888-295-2590
Badger Mutual 866-223-4371
Cincinnati Insurance 877-588-4527
Continental Western Group 866-539-4912
Sheboygan Falls Insurance 800-255-7131
United Fire Group 866-834-5277
West Bend Mutual 877-922-5246

Separate Roadside Assistance Numbers

Auto-Owners Insurance 888-869-2642
Progressive Insurance 800-776-2778


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