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Don-Rick Insurance is a leader in providing business and personal insurance solutions.

Deciding what to insure and how to insure it is unique to you or your business. With our decades of experience, we create customized insurance programs to protect your most-valued assets at the most competitive rates.  

Our trusted advisors are here to help.

About Us

Choose an experienced advisor that listens.  We're here to get you the coverage you need before you need it most.

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For Individuals

If you drive, own or rent a home, being insured is more than just a convenience – it’s a necessity.  We plan before accidents happen.

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For Businesses

Business risks are evolving faster than ever.  Our team creates comprehensive solutions tailored to your industry.

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Life, Health, Annuities, Long Term Care

Want to learn more about retirement, planning for the future, or estate strategies? We have a wealth of resources.

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Keeping You Connected

<p>Combine Your Policies and Save</p>

Combine Your Policies and Save

Some things just make perfect sense in pairs.
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<p>Assess Your Life Insurance Needs</p>

Assess Your Life Insurance Needs

This calculator estimates how much life insurance you would need to meet your family's needs if you were to die prematurely.
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